Educational Psychology Advice Clinics

In place of our face-to-face Drop-In Clinics, we are now offering support or advice to parents/carers over the telephone or via video call. These advice sessions do not constitute a formal referral to our service for direct work with the child, but can help parents/carers to implement useful strategies or seek appropriate advice via correct channels.

Who are Educational Psychologists?

We are psychologists who have studied child development, learning and social-emotional-behaviour and have usually also worked in schools as teachers. We have learnt strategies to help parents and those working with children help them make progress and have a positive learning experience.

What do we deal with?

Language and Communication

• Speaking and Listening.

• Interaction with family and friends.

• Socialising.


• Reading and Writing.

• Mathematics.

• Exams

• Hearing and Vision.


• Walking and talking.

• Socialising.

• Playing.


• Anger and Tantrums.

• Anxiety and Sadness.

• Emotional Wellbeing.

Coping with Difficulties

• Answering those hard questions.

• What to share with children and when.

• Dealing with life changes.

Eating and Sleeping

• Concerns about Diet.

• Difficulties at meal times.

• Establishing Sleep

Will the service be confidential?

Yes. We will ask if you are happy for us to share information with other professionals if needed and will keep the details on the information form securely.

Do I need an appointment?

We dedicate a limited number of slots a week to our Advice Clinic and you will be given time during the next available session.

Should my child be present?

We will not be able to work directly with children during these sessions but will be happy to arrange follow-up should it be necessary.

Please fill in the following information if you would like to receive one-off advice from us: