Educational Psychologists

Who are Educational Psychologists?

 We are psychologists who have studied child development, learning and social-emotional-behaviour and have usually also worked in schools as teachers.  We have learnt strategies to help parents and those working with children help them make progress and have a positive learning experience.

What do we deal with?

Language and Communication

• Speaking and Listening.

• Interaction with family and friends.

• Socialising.


• Reading and Writing.

• Mathematics.

• Exams

• Hearing and Vision.


• Walking and talking.

• Socialising.

• Playing.


• Anger and Tantrums.

• Anxiety and Sadness.

• Emotional Wellbeing.

Coping with Difficulties

• Answering those hard questions.

• What to share with children and when.

• Dealing with life changes.

Eating and Sleeping

• Concerns about Diet.

• Difficulties at meal times.

• Establishing Sleep